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How To Do Brainstorming Like Google

This is the simple and deceptive three-step process that Google uses to invent its most innovative ideas. Here at Google, we do not have a secret formula for innovation. But that does not mean that the best ideas of googlers are impossible mysteries. On the contrary, we have discovered that they can be coaxed systematically […]

Mobile and Big Data apps fuel the growth of your company

A new generation of apps is attracting strong demand from investors It was already in the nineties of the twentieth century when Paul-Andre Savoy had his first taste of how powerful cellular technology could be in the car insurance industry. Savoy owned a company called Boomerang that used primary cell phone technology to locate stolen […]

The things you need to know about portfolio management

The things you need to know about portfolio management The capital market is a tremendous tool at our disposal so that we can allow our money to work in our place. This is a device with very great potential, one that lets our money just work in our place while we stay in peace all […]

Do you own an independent business? Working from home? How to do it right

You as self-employed have already experienced what the whole world has experienced more than you in the last two years. Working from home on its pros and cons is no stranger to you. You have already tried to work in the morning, you have tried your luck at night and yet you find that you […]