Do you own an independent business? Working from home? How to do it right

You as self-employed have already experienced what the whole world has experienced more than you in the last two years.

Working from home on its pros and cons is no stranger to you. You have already tried to work in the morning, you have tried your luck at night and yet you find that you are not working at the level of efficiency you would like to work at. To make your work hours more efficient, more focused, ones that allow you to make the most of your time, we, Richard Touil, have decided to gather for you the best tips that will allow you to work easily and efficiently from anywhere.

Define your work hours

The familiar and complex problem of self-employed business owners is the blurring of boundaries between home and work. Because you spend many hours at home, on the face of it you seem to be free to do anything. You are the ones who welcome every technician who comes home, you are the ones who are there to give food to the children at lunch, also from the other side you are as if always available. Because you do not have a regular office or workplace, you may easily find yourself talking to clients for hours on end, which can add quite a bit of stress and inconvenience.

To overcome this challenge in the best way, our recommendation is always to simply set working hours. Decide that between nine in the morning and six in the evening, for example, you work, you do nothing but work. When you complete these defined work hours you can be free for the rest of the chores and needs of the other people involved in your life. The more you work on creating a framework and boundaries, the more productive and efficient your work hours will become.

Create a quality workspace tailored to your needs

The challenge is that you do not have anything to technically support when a problem is discovered, you can not purchase at the company’s expense advanced equipment or hire a designer who will arrange your work area perfectly. But believe us, your investment in a work space tailored to your needs can change the way you work from end to end.

We all know that beauty and aesthetics affect human beings. We all know that using advanced equipment allows for more efficient and convenient work. So first of all, we would recommend not to skimp on creating a comfortable work area and purchasing quality and good equipment. Do not forget that today, you can find quite a few quality second hand products, so you can largely find everything you need at very cheap prices.

In addition, we would recommend that you look for pictures of home workspaces that can be easily found online so that you can get inspiration and tips to help you create the perfect workspace for you. You may want to add a touch of color through an image, maybe a large, green flowerpot will change your whole feeling. You can make your home office cozy in many ways, you just need to understand what you like and how to bring the various ideas and tips to fruition.

Be sure to work without distractions

When there is no boss on the head it is easy to play on the phone or watch a video in the middle of a work day. But the truth is that the more focused you can work without distractions, the faster you will be able to finish the job, do it more efficiently and more. Our recommendation is to sit down to work without a phone or just one designed for work calls, delete social networks and start working.

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