Richard Touil holdings

About Richard Touil

The Richard Touil Industries Group, which specializes in the initiation, management and marketing of projects in a variety of fields in the real estate market in Israel, was founded by Richard Touil, the son of one of the most prominent and successful families in the Israeli business world.

As part of its extensive activities, the group promotes and manages a large number of prestigious projects for housing, commerce, employment and urban renewal, in the most attractive locations in Israel and the world.

The group maintains a combination of optimal architectural planning and a high level of finish thanks to cooperation with the best architects in Israel.

All projects are supervised by inspection companies that meet the strictest standards and are legally supervised by well-known law firms in Israel.

Thanks to the rich experience and knowledge, combined with the professional and engineering advantages that the Richard Touil Industries group has accumulated over the years, the group achieves spectacular results, which give it a great reputation both from customers and business partners, establishing its position as a leading real estate group in Israel.

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